Cedar Holdings is an institutional-quality family office with a global mandate to invest in innovative and disruptive companies across public and private markets, primarily in the Healthcare and Technology sectors. Cedar has grown to over $750 million in assets and has investments around the world, including in the U.S., Western Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and Latin America. Cedar strives to build long-term relationships with companies by engaging with them at different stages of their lifecycle, and offering its capital, expertise, and network to maximize growth opportunities and value. In addition to its public equity portfolio, Cedar has been involved in a number of successful private company exits and has capital invested in several high-performing funds. The firm has offices in New York, Boston, and London.

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Cedar believes we are in a renaissance period for healthcare. Greater scientific understanding, technological advances, regulatory progressiveness, harmonization in global clinical trial standards, a burgeoning life sciences ecosystem, and increasing availability of capital have created an unprecedented environment for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies.


Separately, the alarming growth rate of healthcare expenditures has exposed systemic inefficiencies which have created opportunities for insurance, healthcare services, and digital health firms. Significant legislative and regulatory overhauls have empowered these companies to counter the current cost trend and drive value across the supply chain.


Empowered by a focused yet flexible investment mandate, Cedar looks to capitalize on the opportunities and players that are best positioned to benefit from an evolving healthcare landscape.


Keith Kosow
Chief Investment Officer

Keith founded Cedar Holdings in 2005 after successfully monetizing several early-stage investments in well-known healthcare technology companies. In addition, Keith helped build, and continues to retain, an ownership interest in Kosow Construction Corp., one of the largest multifamily and commercial real estate portfolios in the U.S., spanning across 22 states. Keith has grown the family office fund to over $750 million in assets, achieving annualized returns exceeding 16% since inception. Keith graduated from the University of Vermont and lives between New York, Miami, and London.

Andrew Aziz
Senior Analyst

Andrew joined Cedar Holdings in 2018 and serves as a Senior Analyst. He has over 7 years of finance and investing experience and has worked as a senior analyst at a global value and special situations hedge fund and also as a credit analyst at J.P. Morgan and Moody’s. Most recently before joining Cedar, he worked as an independent consultant analyzing healthcare companies, with a concentration on biotech. Andrew received his B.S. with distinction from NYU Stern.

Rohan Abrol
Senior Analyst

Rohan joined Cedar Holdings in 2018 and serves as a Senior Analyst. He has over 5 years of research and investing experience and has worked as an analyst at a family office where he focused on multiple sectors, including healthcare. Rohan has also held equity research positions at BB&T Capital Markets, and more recently, at KeyBanc Capital Markets, where his coverage was concentrated on a range of companies within the Healthcare Information Technology, Biopharmaceutical Services, and Diagnostic Labs vertical. Rohan received his B.A. from Vanderbilt University.

Mathew Oomen
Portfolio Manager

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